Content messaging in the new normal

on Tue 14 Apr

Right now, we’re all in the same boat, whether we’re employees or business owners, never has there been a time of so much uncertainty and risk.

Of course, uncertainty leads to panic, and as we’re only human we naturally go into survival mode, which, in 21st Century terms, is defined by toilet roll and the need to ramp-up promotions on social media, but is this the right approach?

Well, stockpiling toilet roll is definitely not a great approach and heavy promotion on social will only get lost amongst all the other noise.

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you’ll see that is a very vocal place right now, but it only has an appetite for politics and information that supports people. Business promotion is definitely not on its agenda.

Instagram and Facebook are very much focused on COVID-19 updates and community-focused support and volunteering. Interestingly, LinkedIn doesn’t really know what it is at the moment, it seems to be a bit of a no man’s land between politics and business, where nobody is really sure what to say.

Support not sales

If you’re thinking about producing content that promotes your business, then stop and really think about what messages you want to communicate. Right now, people want support not sales, so talking about your great product or service may not be the right tone of voice at this time.

Instead, think about how your product or service can help people or other businesses.

For example, will it allow people to save money? If so, look at producing content that offers advice and support that’s relevant to their lives now.

We always say that our clients are the experts in the field, so instead of pushing how great their business may be, why not shout about knowledge and experience?

This has never been more pertinent. If your business or expertise can help and support other businesses or consumers through the crisis, then now is the time to focus.

Don’t forget to look at your employees either. Showcase how homeworking is working for them. Are they doing anything to support their community or volunteering?

Focus on them and support their efforts. Have them write a guest blog to showcase their commitments right now.

Be positive

We’re all in the same boat and all facing economic uncertainty, but when it comes to content and social comms, talking about the seriousness of your financial situation does not inspire confidence and should be something that stays within the organisation.

Instead, look at how you can communicate a more positive and supportive message to your clients, customers and general audience.

When life returns to normal, anything negative about your business may create uncertainty, so adapting to a new way of communicating that inspires and motivates is important.

Focus on getting back to normal

Believe it or not, things will return to normal and it’s important your content is ready for when this happens.

Think about how you’re going to make your comeback and make a positive impact.

Even if you’ve decided to dial-back your social media comms, this is a good time to start creating content that will be good-to-go once we go into recovery and enables you to hit the ground running.

At a time when we all need to pull together, it’s now more important than ever to make sure your content reflects and projects this new normal.